Corporate Sponsorships


The United States will import 60% of its crude oil needs in the year 2006. To continue our economic growth, the citizens of the United States and its businesses must be confident that the energy supply is secure and reliable. The repercussions of an inadequate supply and disruption of crude oil would reverberate throughout our national economy. Stability of the nation's energy supply in today's volatile international climate is dependent on policy makers and industrial leaders, and their shared role in creating a mechanism that will decrease our dependency on foreign sources of energy. They must take actions that will develop additional domestic sources of fuels, which are necessary to continue economic growth.

Wjy Corporate Sponsorships are Important

Entering the energy business and making a lasting impact is a difficult undertaking for alternative energy companies to initiate and sustain. All of these factors will take time to overcome, and the customer/refiners will neither be quick to replace their petroleum supplies with unknown alternative fuels, nor desire to pay a premium for these fuels when purchased. In this case, financial incentives are necessary to develop these technologies and commercialize their operation. A variety of programs in the United States and abroad offer grants and financial incentives for the development and implementation of alternative sources of energy and waste reduction techniques. CWT has accessed some of these and is preparing appropriate documentation to qualify for many others, here and abroad.

However, corporate sponsorships and the enactment of joint ventures may be the most effective ways for CWT to be given the tools to generate a domestic, renewable source of fuel and wean the U.S. off its foreign oil addiction. Infrastructure security, particularly at large power stations, remains a critically urgent focus, and will be increased once general proposals and specific ideas are agreed upon by business leaders.

Constructing smaller distributed power generation units at large industrial user facilities, fueled by their own waste, makes it much harder for terrorists to shut down an electrical power system completely. Having more energy-producing facilities around the country is, in a sense, a security measure and an option from a national security standpoint.

The Advantages

The advantages to corporate sponsorship of the TCP are enormous. The TCP is more than 80% energy-efficient with all types of carbon-based feedstocks tested, which allows it to use less energy (electricity, natural gas) than alternative methodologies. Our primary product (Renewable Diesel) is sold into a market which can accept all of our production. Our supply of renewable fuel for power companies can provide a dependable source of fuel, which qualifies for enhanced pricing in the production of electricity. Our technology's lifecycle has also been analyzed, and was shown to provide positive global environmental benefits with regard to global warming, environmental acidification and oxidation of nitrogen. CWT hopes that the introduction of a diesel product which meets the specifications of petroleum diesel, but made from a renewable source (organic waste), can help bridge the gap from traditional oil drilling and foreign imports to domestic waste reformation and sustainable energy.

corporate sponsorships