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What are the specs of the TCP oil?

The TCP produces different quality fuels, which meet a commercial specification.

Can TCP oil be used for home heating oil?

Yes, it has been confirmed by a large utility company that TCP renewable diesel can be run as a straight, unblended heavy fuel oil. The first application of TCP fuels is destined for use in boilers for heating and turbines for electrical power generation.

Can TCP renewable diesel be used as gasoline for automobiles?

The TCP oil is an approved diesel fuel additive. Further refinement, however, is required to make TCP oil into gasoline or diesel. A traditional refinery could process TCP oil through fractional distillation towers to separate out the fuel oil distillate components (gasoline, kerosene, and diesel).

Is TCP oil just another form of biodiesel? If so, why is there a debate on characteristics and quality?

CWT’s oil is a renewable “bioderived diesel fuel” so yes, we are ‘bio-diesel’. Just like the commonly-accepted biodiesel products available, TCP oil is a liquid produced from biomass, except the term “biodiesel” has been associated with a specific type of fuel (methyl esters). Both of these fuels offer an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, and like any new product, methods to handle appropriately need to be developed.

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